Power and Energy Training, Courses

Tonex Power and Energy Courses provide a broad range of skills and knowledge applicable to power generation, transmission, distribution, smart grids, microgrids, renewable energy sources and other related grid technologies. Each covers a different aspect in power system engineering, such as:

  • Microgrid Certification Training
  • Microgrid Training Crash Course
  • Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Engineering Training
  • Electricity Distribution Network Design
  • Fundamentals of Synchronous Machines
  • Introduction to Power System Operation
  • Mobile Network Power Systems
  • Offshore Wind Farm Training
  • Power Grid Operation Training
  • Power System Dynamic Analysis and Symmetrical Components
  • Power System Engineering Training
  • Power System Fundamentals for Engineers
  • Power System Certificate
  • Power System for Non-Engineers
  • Reactive Power Compensation and Voltage Control
  • Smart Grid Training for Non-Engineers
  • Smart Grid Training, Smart Grid Course
  • Wholesale Electricity and Marketing and Trading Fundamentals

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