ISO 21434 Training Workshop, Road Vehicles Cybersecurity Engineering

Did you know that most of the connected cars currently available in the market do not have over-the-air (OTA) software updates ?

That means you connected cars might be vulnerable to automotive cybersecurity. This is extremely serious gap where cybercriminals can avail the unpatched security gaps opportunity.

Got anxious ? You must have a solution for this. Let’s dive into deep for ISO 21434. Firstly learn,

What is ISO 21434 and why it is so important for automotive industry

ISO, SAE 21434 is the grand baseline for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to make sure that cybersecurity risks are properly managed.

The standard was particularly developed to ensure the safety and security of the ultimate road-user and driver. It provides a standardized cybersecurity framework, establishes cybersecurity as an integral element of engineering.

Automotive Cybersecurity Safety, ISO 21434, Top 5 Facts You Should Learn About ISO 21434

Here are top 5 ISO 21434 facts you should learn today:

  • Fact 1 : ISO 21434 ensures that cybersecurity is considered in post-production processes (software updates, service and maintenance, incident response etc.).
  • Fact 2: Most of the connected cars currently available in the market do not have over-the-air (OTA) software updates, nor were they designed or manufactured with cybersecurity in mind.
  • Fact 3 : OTA software unavailability is the critical gap where automotive industry starts to secure with ISO 21434.
  • Fact 4 : Unfortunately, the increased demand for car connectivity and the rapid pace of development to meet it, unavoidably increases the exposing risks.
  • Fact 5 : Road Vehicles Cybersecurity Engineering is the flied where automotive industry must concentrate on.

It’s never late to mend anything.

Tonex Offers You Automotive Cybersecurity Engineering Solution

ISO Training Workshop Course From Tonex Training

ISO, SAE 21434 Training, Road Vehicles Cybersecurity Engineering Training Workshop is a 3-day course covering requirements for cybersecurity risk management regarding engineering for concept, analysis. development, production, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning for road vehicle electrical and electronic (E/E) systems, including their subsystems, components and interfaces.

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