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5G Latency Topics :

  • What is latency factor in 5G ?
  • What is 5G actual latency in milliseconds (ms) ?
  • 5G & Zero latency probability.
  • 5G zero latency benefits

What is latency factor in 5G ?

There’s been a wide talk about 5G technology and the amazing speeds it may produce.

The maximum speed of 5G is 100mbps and it’s expected very low latency something about 1 milliseconds (1 ms) . Unlike 4G, 5G 1 ms, lowest latency is very much essential to connect more users at a time with full speed

What is actual, true latency of 5G ?

5G is the best and fastest low-latency technology. The actual latency of 5G is 1 ms (milliseconds).

Just think about it. A millisecond is 1/1000 of a second. That means your car could react 250 times faster than you.

5G technology offers an extremely low latency rate, the delay between the sending and receiving of information. From 50 milliseconds for 4G, we go down to 1 millisecond(1ms) with 5G.

5G zero (0) latency probability

To be honest, telecom industry insiders are more likely to revel in the aspect of 5G’s architecture that is capable of providing practically zero latency.

And, that’s a really great news !

5G zero (0) latency benefits

The benefits here go way beyond gaming. Near zero latency is required for almost all 5G technological advances, including:

  • Self-driving vehicles
  • Holograms
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Remote surgery
  • Smart cities
  • First responder information loops for saving lives
  • Improved 3D imagers

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