Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) Training

What is Unified Architecture Framework ?

And, it can be within the organization in miscellaneous levels of abstraction.

Unified Architecture Framework, UAF Training is designed for managers who are interested to improve their knowledge with great understanding about Unified Architecture Framework.

What is the use of UAF ?

UAF is used for:

  • To specify operational capabilities, services and interactions between complex systems.
  • To trace systems to strategies and organizations.
  • For an infrastructure to ensure complete and correct specification.

UAF course is specially built for the managers who intend to improve their UAF expertise.

At this course, all the attendees will have great opportunities to learn about UAF.

UAF Learning Opportunities

  • Learn the need for Unified Architecture Framework (UAF).
  • What is necessary to enables stakeholders to focus on specific areas of interest in the enterprise.
  • Learn how UAF supports current DoDAF, MODAF, NAF and UPDM 3.0
  • How UAF replaces the Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM)
  • Rules to enable users to create consistent enterprise architectures
  • Visualizing, understand, and assimilate architecture description broad scope and complexities.
  • Relation between Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) and Digital Engineering (DEng).

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