5G Systems Engineering, Systems Architecture Training

5G Systems Engineering Training. Eventually, Tonex Training offer top notch 5G systems engineering courses online, onsite and Live online. This is a great opportunity to learn 5G NR in depth. Business group training is available.

Training Topics / You Will Learn:

  • 5G Fundamentals and Drivers
  • Systems Architecture
  • 5G NR (New Radio)
  • Non Standalone Operation (NSO)
  • Primary Processes
  • Security & Vulnerabilities
  • Data Exchanging
  • Mobility

5th Gen Fundamentals & Drivers:

Systems Architecture 5G :

  • 5G Systems Positioning
  • User & Equipment
  • Next Gen – 5G RAN (Radio Access Network)
  • Centralized RAN – Radio Access Network
  • 5G Core Network
  • Additional Core Network Functions
  • 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA)
  • Network Interworking

5G Primary Processes:

  • Registration and Connection Management Setting Up Network Access
  • Applying 5G Network Registration
  • Applying Network De-registration

5G NSO – Non Standalone Operation:

  • 5G NSO fundamentals
  • Primary Procedures
  • SNA – Secondary Node Addition
  • SNM – Secondary Node Modification
  • Secondary Node & MeNB Handover
  • Releasing Secondary Node

Security & Vulnerabilities in 5G:

  • 5G Security
  • Roaming Protection
  • 5G Cryptographic Processes
  • 5G AKA / 5G SE AV
  • Security Procedures
  • AN – CN Communication Securing

Data Exchanging in 5G

  • 5G PDU Sessions, Types, Utilizing & Establishing
  • QoS Model, Flow, Parameters for 5G
  • Access Network Resources

5G Mobility

  • 5G CM Idle Mobility, Registering & Update
  • CM Connected Mobility
  • Xn Based Handover Procedure
  • N2 Handover &  Roaming
  • 4G to 5G Mobility

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