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Available Top 5G Courses

Tonex offers dozens of training, courses, Certification and seminars in 5G. 5G Training Course - Online, Onsite and Live Online

5G NR (New Radio) Training

Take 5G NR, New Radio Training.
5G NR New Radio Training

5G Sales & Tech Support

Take 5G sales and tech sales
5G for sales and tech sales

5G Wireless Training

Training for Non Engineers
5G Wireless Training

5G (CBRS) Training

Citizens Band Radio Services (CBRS)
5G (CBRS) Training

5G Cybesecurity 3gpp

Take 5G 3GPP cybersecurity training.
5G 3GPP cybersecurity

5G Wi-Fi Offload Training

Take 5G wifi offload Training.
5G wifi offload Training


5G D2D Training

Take 5G Device to Device Training
5G D2D

5G System Survey

Take 5G System Survey Training
5G System Survey Training

5G NOMA Training

Non Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA)
5G NOMA Training

5G C-RAN Training

Take 5G C-RAN Advanced Training. Learn more about 5G cloud.

5G mmWave Training

Learn more about 5G mmWave, Millimeter-wave

LTE Advanced Pro

Learn more about LTE Advanced Pro.

All of our service levels include :

Innovative, Customized Training

Tonex Training Live offers most innovative and customized ways to let you learn the way you need it. Courses topics are chosen from practical life.

Professional Instructor

All the professional instructors, mentors, trainers of Tonex are most experienced and industry experts. Enjoy best support also.

Up to Date Courses, Guaranteed

We always ensure most advanced and update training, courses and 5G seminars so that you can learn the best things to let your organization lead the markets.

Workshop & Certifications

We offer several 5G training, courses and workshop followed by certification. Join to 5G training.

Live online, onsite

Tonex offers online training courses, eLearning solutions. Experience best eLearning methods. 5G Training and courses, live online, onsite.

Useful Resources

To learn 5G in better way, Tonex always ensures most effective, advanced and favorable atmosphere so that you can learn difficult things in easy way.

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