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Digital Engineering Fundamentals, Digital Engineering Training.

Digital Engineering Fundamentals

Digital engineering fundamentals for programmatic and technical leadership, online.

In fact, digital engineering is an wide survey course providing with the fundamental concepts of digital engineering (DEng) Method delivered virtually.


Learn about Digital Engineering

Digital engineering (DEng), The advanced computerization of systems engineering and program acquisitions practices.

Digital engineering makes organizations and government agencies able to perform in creating complex, latticed systems of products, services, and capabilities. It can be more quickly and effective.

Course Length : 1 Day

Digital Engineering Training Outline :

  • Digital evolution fundamentals
  • Digital engineering principles
  • Traditional practices disruption
  • Supporting infrastructure and environments.
  • Culture and workforce transformation
  • Technological innovation
  • Digital engineering methods, processes, tools
  • Acquisition practices, requirements,
  • Development, integration and use of modeling and simulation and more…

Tonex Digital Engineering Training is recommended for:

Government programmatic, functional and technical leadership reviewing, approving, and using technical data to make program, technical, and sustainment decisions.

These leaders include division chiefs, project managers, program directors, technical directors, lead system engineers, chief engineers, etc.

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