Top 6 Operations Management (OM) Courses

Operations management is an essential part of Systems Engineering. Tonex offers almost 4 hundreds (400) systems engineering courses in more than 4 dozen categories.

Systems engineering training courses include discussions projects, case studies, formal presentation and workshops covering key aspects of systems engineering on a single system and system of systems (SoS) through a development life-cycle.

Tonex systems engineering training courses are designed to apply systems engineering processes and methods. This approach teaches you how to align practical system thinking and systems engineering knowledge and skills with your process improvement, project management and program management.

Tonex also offers top 6 Operations Management (OM) and Support courses.

The top 6 Operations Management courses are :

Basics of Logistics for Engineers 2 days
Command and Control Software Training 3 days
Configuration Management Training 2 days
Integrated Logistics Support Training | ILS Training 4 days
Logistics and Supply Management Training Crash Course 4 days
Supply Support Logistics Course 3 days
Top 6 operations management courses

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Top 6 Operations Management and Support Courses