Top 2 Artificial Intelligence, AI Training Courses Available Online

Tonex Training offers Top 2 AI (Artificial Intelligence) Courses Online.

In a global virulent disease like COVID-19, technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science have become successful and critical to help societies perfectly to deal with the outbreak.

The Widely prevalent examples of machine learning applications include:

  • Google self-driving car
  • Amazon, Netflix Online recommendation offers
  • Twitter insights , Customers feedback on you
  • Fraud detection technology

Required elements for good machine learning systems :

A few elements required to create effective machine learning systems:

  • Data preparation capabilities
  • Algorithms – basic and advanced
  • Automation and iterative processes
  • Scalability
  • Ensemble modeling

Top 2 Artificial Intelligence, AI Courses Available Online 

Course 1) Machine Learning Training Bootcamp

Duration : 3-days

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Course 2) Machine Learning for Control Training

Duration : 3-days

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Top 2 AI Courses Available Online