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Hello everyone. Welcome to 2021. Happy new year to everyone !

So, what is your new year resolution ? We hope you know how 5G is getting closure to you and this technology has already created a phenomena everywhere.

Did you know ? Millions of organizations are in great competition to implement 5G structure better than their rivals. That is why, why not you-why not now ?

Frankly speaking, It’s time to shape your organization with 5G network slicing. Mostly, discover all you need to know to effectively use network slicing across 5G core, RAN and transport networks.

Are you listed among the professionals who already have 5G network experience? However, did not get time and opportunity for 5G network slicing formal knowledge ?

Then it’s for you. 🙂


Okay, Let’s understand the challenges and opportunities of 5G network slicing.

5G network slicing can be defined as a network configuration what permits multiple networks to be created on top of a common physical infrastructure.

This is why, this configuration has become a major part of the entire 5G architectural platform. Every “slice” or section of the network can be allocated depending on the very specific needs of the application, something like use case or customer view-point.

What Professionals Should Improve 5G Network Slicing Expertise ?

Network slicing expertise is mostly recommended for :

  • Software engineers,
  • Network design engineers,
  • Product management,
  • Marketing, planning, operations and
  • Employees with little or no 5G network slicing experience.

Things You Should Learn for Successful 5G Network Slicing

  • The 5G use cases and applications
  • 5G network overview
  • 5G networks slicing procedures.
  • How to set the foundations for 5G network slicing monetization
  • Planning and designing life-cycle management of network slice.
  • Successful network slicing implementation.
  • Implementing operational KPIs on slice, service and
  • Several other.

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