System Engineering Certificate

Systems Engineering Certificate Training Course

Did you know that effective use of Systems Engineering can save 10-20% of the project budget ?

Systems engineering usually starts by defining customer needs and functionality? It goes before going on to create a holistic design. Considering both the business and the technical needs of all customers, it always aims at good quality product to keep standard.

Top 3 technical efforts systems engineering always follows:

  1. Functional disciplines
  2. Technical disciplines
  3. Cross-cutting issues

What does a systems engineer actually do?

Formostly, a Systems Engineer works with program managers to achieve system and project success. Systems Engineering techniques can be scaled to adjusted to suit the size and complexity of the project.

What is System Engineering Certificate?

System Engineering Certificate was created to introduce the concept system thinking, seeing the bigger picture and facilitating through a modern agile and lean process, cross activities and inter-disciplinary involvement to enable the realization of successful systems and system of systems (SoS).

Principles of Systems Engineering Certificate Training Program Focuses, Key Processes

  • Of-course, Key Systems Engineering Principles.
  • Stakeholder points of view
  • Broad analysis, needs assessment, elicitation, Concept of Operations (ConOps),
  • Lean and Agile Systems Engineering
  • Embedded Systems Engineering
  • Reliability, Safety and Cybersecurity
  • Validation Plans & user requirements

Mandatory courses required for systems engineering certificate

  • Systems Engineering Level 1
  • SE Project Management
  • Systems Thinking, Integration and Testing
  • Systems Design and Analysis
  • Principles of Modern Systems Engineering

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