Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training Bootcamp

Tonex’s Artificial Intelligence Training Bootcamp covers the fundamentals of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, and other AI concepts. AI technology uses data to identify patterns and evaluate decision scenarios, bringing it into the physical environment.

Participants will work with Artificial Intelligence tools, AI programming tools, data science tools, and advanced analytics tools to design intelligent agents, deep learning algorithms, and neural networks. Advanced AI networks are explored to resolve real-time decision-making issues.

Machine Learning does matter a lot. Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of AI that enables machines to learn by themselves, using AI and Machine Learning Systems, System of Systems (SoS) and more complex capabilities. Deep Learning (DL) is similar to ML but applied to large data sets, and ML is now used to handle intelligent behavior.

Who Should Attend?

Engineers, project managers, analysts and anyone else interested in Artificial Intelligence from A-Z.

Your Benefits:

You will be learning

  • Gain a basic understanding of AI concepts, principles, applications and use cases, compare and contrast AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks, and analyze classical AI techniques.
  • Learn about supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, algorithms, classification data, and AI tools.
  • Analyze machine learning and deep learning algorithms, including clustering and recommendation systems.

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