Hands-on-cyber security training

Cybersecurity Embedded, Learn advanced applications of Cyber Security to embedded systems

Cybersecurity Embedded, Learn advanced applications of Cyber Security to embedded systems

“Not just for enterprises but, cyber safety is taken into account as mandatory  conjointly for medium to tiny size of companies. If it’s on-line, it desires cyber safety”. Learn advanced applications of Cyber Security to embedded systems. It’s all concerning Cyber and Security.


Understanding cyber security, risk and action tools
Integrating Cybersecurity and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
What is Secure Embedded Systems ? however will it defend ?
Advance strategies & procedure to research, reverse, debug ?
Value of risk assessment methodologies, failure analysis ?
How to originated and live flourishing mission system ?
Which professionals got to learn cyber security approaches ?
Case studies and workshop

Understanding Cyber Security,
Risk & Action Tools

Data breaches, ransomware attacks, privacy failures and alternative Cybersecurity challenges area unit on everyone’s radio detection and ranging screen, nonetheless most businesses still struggle with effectively getting ready for them.
Organizations Lack Cyber Safety Ability
Innumerous organizations actually lack a transparent and aligned security strategy, have restricted insight into their Cybersecurity maturity and insufficiently observe their plans for responding to a Cybersecurity incident.

Integrating Cybersecurity and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Cybersecurity risk is a vital variety of risk for any enterprise.

Other risks embody however aren’t restricted to money, legal, legislative, operational, privacy, reputational, safety, strategic, and provide chain risks.

We at Tonex offering NIST’s Cybersecurity risk management (CSRM) experience to assist organizations. as a result of enterprises area unit at varied degrees of maturity concerning the implementation of risk management.

Improve the Cybersecurity risk info they supply as inputs to their enterprise’s ERM programs.

What is Secure Embedded Systems ?
How will it defend ?

Secure Embedded Systems embody several procedures, strategies and techniques.

To assure flourishing mission system performance, embedded systems like

  • Weapon systems,
  • Missiles & good weapons,
  • Network Enabled Weapons (NEW),
  • UAVs, Communications systems,
  • Industrial management systems,
  • Smart grid,
  • IED, PLCs,  and more.

Advance strategies & procedure to research, reverse, debug ?

Gain active expertise with a spread of real-world devices, RTOS’s, and architectures equip students with the sensible information and skills necessary to be skilled in RTOS vulnerability analysis and exploitation.

Participants can explore distinctive vulnerabilities in embedded systems that area unit normally exploited and find out techniques, tools, methods, procedures and methods for analysis and style of cyber security measures into period product lifecycle.

Value of risk assessment ?
Methodologies, failure analysis

Cybersecurity risk identification is comprised of four phases :

  1. Identification of the organization’s mission-supporting assets and their valuation.
  2. Determination of potential threats which may jeopardize the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of these assets and potential info and technology opportunities which may profit the organization.
  3. Consideration of the vulnerabilities of these assets.
  4. Evaluation of the potential consequences of risk eventualities.

How to originated and live ?
successful mission system

Applying Security Controls to cut back Risk Exposure normally, people, processes, and technology mix to supply risk management controls that may be applied to realize a suitable level of risk. samples of controls include:

  • Preventative
  • Deterrent
  • Detective
  • Corrective
  • Compensating

Which professionals got to learn ?
Cyber Security Approaches

Cybersecurity professionals the least bit levels World Health Organization perceive cybersecurity however is also unacquainted the main points of enterprise risk management (ERM).

  • Product and method designers and engineers
  • Developers operating with embedded systems
  • Information security professionals
  • Application developers
  • Hackers

Cyber Case studies and workshop

Course Topics / Agendas
4 major workshops

  • Analyzing Embedded Systems
  • Cybersecurity Threats
  • Embedded Systems Attack sorts and
  • Attack Vectors Analysis
  • Analyzing Cybersecurity Controls for
  • Embedded Systems
  • Hands-on labs (Course provides the embedded modules for the labs)

Course Materials & Instructions for you

  • Must bring:
    Any portable computer with CD-ROM drive.
  • Provided by the instructor:
    research lab manuals, Course Notes, and presentation materials

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