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Reliability Engineering Training, Problems and Solutions for Business Organizations

Reliability Problems and Solutions, Reliability Engineering Training for Business Organizations. Although, several papers have been explained the industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing, however reliability engineering challenges, bottlenecks, and opportunities have received really less attention. This is what Tonex Training team do “Sloving Old problems and new challenges”.

Reliability and reliability Engineering for business

By default, there exists no fundamental limit to the extent to which failures can be prevented. We can design and build for ever-increasing reliability. Check back these terms became much essential for any business organization; Reliability engineering, Industry 4.0, Challenges, Big data, health management, cyber-physical system, Human-machine, interaction, jointly optimization, communication and interfaces.

Business Challenges and Opportunity for Reliability Engineering

Reliability engineering as a sub-discipline of system engineering what includes the systematic application of the engineering principles and techniques. Techniques throughout a product lifecycle so reliability should be considered from concept plan to wear out of the system or product. According to the Industry 4.0 development and increase the integration of digital, physical and human worlds, reliability engineering must evolve for addressing the existing and future challenges about that.

The 1st challenge is the system modeling and the system definition for this type of system investigation. Although different researchers tried their best to system modeling via reliability engineering techniques, this type of system modeling and analyzing became an interesting topic for reliability engineers.

What does a reliability engineer do?

Reliability engineer defines reliability requirements, predict, analysis, assess and optimize system performance via different reliability techniques. Complexity and dependence increasing, the implementation of new concepts, and the advancements in knowledge, methods and techniques, such as big data, internet of things and quick response to changes, make new opportunities for developing reliability engineering techniques and improve reliability prediction capability.

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