Digital Forensic Courses

Digital forensics involves the investigation of computer-related crimes with the goal of obtaining evidence to be presented in a court of law. Our digital forensic courses, seminars and workshops present the branch of forensic science focused on recovery and investigation of artifacts found on digital devices, systems and networks. Participants learn about devices that store […]

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Software Engineering Courses

Tonex offers high quality software engineering courses that help your organization continuity and safety. Software Engineering Training, is an intensive covering many aspects of software engineering including Software Requirements, Definition, Development, Validation and Verification and Management Training. Software Engineering Training customized as “Software Requirements, Definition, Development & Management Training” course is intended for those wishing to learn

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Power and Energy Training, Courses

Tonex Power and Energy Courses provide a broad range of skills and knowledge applicable to power generation, transmission, distribution, smart grids, microgrids, renewable energy sources and other related grid technologies. Each covers a different aspect in power system engineering, such as: Microgrid Certification Training Microgrid Training Crash Course Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Engineering Training

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Tonex Aerospace & Defense Engineering Training

Tonex offers aerospace training and defense engineering courses. For over a century the American aerospace and defense (A&D) industry has shaped the world around us in countless ways with immeasurable impact. More times than not, The aerospace and defense industries have often been at the forefront of innovation. For example, getting reliable and up-to-date information

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Satellite Communications, SATCOM Engineering Training, Courses

TONEX’s Satellite Communications Engineering Training is a Technical  satellite communications Training course covering all aspects of the satellite systems and other aeronautical services. This course is designed for technical and non-technical professionals who are interested to improve their knowledge and skills in the field of Satellite communications. SATCOM Training Visit for satellite communications courses

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DoDAF, UPDM and UAF Training Courses

DoDAF training courses cover all the aspects of Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) from the notions, history, criteria, methods, and techniques. They teach the participants how to employ and and deploy DoDAF via hands-on activities including exercises, labs, and hands-on workshops. Students will also learn how to transition from DoDAF versions 1.0 and 1.5 to DoDAF

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Cybersecurity Online Training, Courses and Seminars

Tonex offers industries best cyber security training, courses and seminars. Cybercriminal activity is flourishing and is now considered one of the biggest challenges that humanity will face over the next 20 years. Cybercrime casts a wide net. No business, agency, organization or individual is immune. According to the 2020 Official Annual Cybercrime Report by Cybersecurity

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Systems Engineering Training & Courses

Tonex offers best systems engineering courses. Systems Engineering Training Systems engineers play an integral role in the success of organizations and businesses in many industries. Systems engineers lay the foundation or blueprint for systems to begin conception, production, and realization of valuable operations. Due to the broad nature of the work, a systems engineer may

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